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Introducing Nav Technologies

From the makers of NoidaTut

A very good evening friends. We are here with our second attempt in the world of technologies. Nav Technologies is from the makers of NoidaTut. WE are here with the moto of Learn and Share .

Dr. Tutorial

We are from the team of Dr. Tutorial providing technical support in form of chatting . emails, vidoes and helping with source code. We have many registered users. The new users can please register to us on : NoidaTut


Noidatut is an E Learning Platform for students to get CLASS NOTES AND LAB MANUALS. This is simple E Learning Platform where we aim to have the largest collection of E - Books and other study resources. We have the notes for different courses starting from Diploma to Engineerin.

Our Aim

We would like to inform you that wer are from research background and so we all have gathered to strengthen our education system and come up with a technologies which help our life smoother. We are here to tech in a view to learn and share and Learning is useless without sharing and shines more when shared.Reaching up to this place I would like to thank my mother Prof. Dr. Gyani Rai without whom I would be nothing . Her tremensous efforts is the result I am here. Through out my life I would be so oblized to my mom and dad for giving me proper education so that I can spread Education. I would like to tell you that my wife was always at my support. She is also from computer background and she used to help me always with her skills apart from here job. Coning I would like to thank every one support and guidance . My society, my freinds and my relatives their lessings were the most precious thing of my life.

We are here from the Team of Dr. Tutorial to help you in way of E Learning Process contact me.

You can contact us on


"It was a wonder Experience with the most energetic team . They are team of learners. I appreciate their moto of Lean and share. "

Prof. ( Dr. ) Gyani Rai
HOD, M.S, College Tilka Manjhi University

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